Kyrie Eleison Chants Selection

A selection of Kyrie /Lord Have Mercy chants for Ash Wednesday or Good Friday or whenever you feel like asking for God's Mercy which in my case means every day !!

These will also be available  on the side bar of the blog for easy access.

Look for this logo and click on the picture to take you to this page. 

I may update/change as time goes on.

Gregorian Chant

Gregorian Chant : Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos

 Rutter from Mass of The Children : Musica de Valencia

Coptic Egyptian Christian Kyrie .The recording is fine but the video is fuzzy/poor.

Hildegard de Bingen

Arvo Part 

 African Missa Luba : Kyrie Eleison

Divna Ljubojevic : Serbian Chant

Eric Lagerstrom

 Mexican Baroque Kyrie Eleison from Mass for two SATB choirs, composed by Kappelmeister of Oaxaca Cathedral, Mexico: Manuel de Sumaya.

World Vision Children's Choir of Korea

Voices of Heaven musica di Don Giosy Cento, arrangiamento corale di M. Di Pietro,

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